Gestüt Famos in Syke has been sold

maj 24. 2024

Gestüt Famos, where Helgstrand Dressage's German division, Helgstrand Germany, is based, has been sold to the German investor Maik Kanitzky.

Ulf and Eva Möller, who, together with their competent team, have successfully built up Helgstrand Germany over the past three years, will remain at Gestüt Famos and continue to run Helgstrand Germany, including the EU stallion station and the sales and training stable.
Eva and Ulf will also continue to reside there, so there will be no significant changes, except that the buildings now have a new owner, explained Andreas Helgstrand.

The new owner, Maik Kanitzky, has been a longtime partner of Helgstrand Dressage and has also purchased several horses from Helgstrand Dressage over time. Now they will be housed at Gestüt Famos, as Maik takes over a section of the stable, while his stallions also will have a place in the EU stallion station.

Casper Cassøe Krüth, COO of Helgstrand's parent company Global Equestrian Group (GEG), explains that the plan is not to reduce activities in Germany, but that GEG's strategy is to invest in people and companies, not buildings. Therefore, the sale of Gestüt Famos fits directly into the strategy, ensuring that the development of the company's businesses and the skilled people who work and form the heart of the company remain the focus.

"I'm so happy we can stay in fantastic Syke," says Andreas Helgstrand. "Helgstrand Germany has been based at Gestüt Famos in Syke since 2020, and we've been very happy to be here in the fantastic surroundings, located in the hub between Germany's three largest and leading breeding associations - Hanover, Oldenburg, and Westphalia. That Maik Kanitzky is the new owner, we see only as a strong card, as we have had an incredibly good partnership for many years - a partnership that we look forward to becoming even stronger in the coming years, as we continue our business in Syke as before," Andreas concludes.

Maik Kanitzky runs the company MaxiKraft, which offers crane services and heavy transport. Additionally, he is a dressage enthusiast and owns the dressage and breeding stable Heidehof in Züllsdorf, Germany, and Gestüt M.K Ammerland in Wiefelstede, Germany. Among his most famous breeding successes are Sir Donnerhall I and II, and he also owns the dressage horses Atterupgaards Barcelo and Virazzo, which were purchased from Helgstrand, among others.