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Helgstrand is part of the Global Equestrian Group, a group of highly esteemed brands with the vision of becoming the world’s leading equestrian company.

If you consider joining our exciting journey in the equestrian world, whether it's as a groom, rider, groundsman or in the office, please visit our career site for more information:


At Helgstrand Dressage, we see it as our job to contribute to a more sustainable world, which is why we work determinedly on living up to the standards of the goals set by the UN, in any way we can. It’s a continuous process, which is why we’ll continue to include more of the partial goals in our company.


Our ambition is to build a long-term relationship with our partners by nurturing and showcasing your brand to the equestrian industry.

We aim to secure more than just a return of your investment and are eager to welcome you to Helgstrand’s unique world with enormous ambitions for the equestrian sport and industry.