Health checks

Our goal is always to be best-in-class

From the moment a horse arrives with us, we ensure to provide the best facilities, frequent health checks, a complete feeding plan, and personally tailored training programs. We strive to create an environment that promotes the physical and mental well-being of the horse, which is crucial for its development and performance.

We continually review our work processes and imp...

How we ensure the well-being of our horses

All our horses are observed several times each day, both during feeding, riding, and general handling. Additionally, veterinarians from Højgård Equine Hospital regularly visit the stables for vaccinations or dental care.

We also have several nutrition consultants who collaborate with our veterinarians to ensure that our horses receive the optimal nutrition they need. O...

Health checks

We conduct thorough self-checks of the horses, where a stable manager and a representative from management review all horses at our three Danish locations every 14 days. The horses are checked for skin irritations, scratches, general hygiene, swollen tendons, and more. Additionally, the horses' mouths are checked for wounds or pressure from bits or teeth. Furthermore, the young horses are checked for too...