How we train

Experienced employees to train our horses

Our team consists of talented and experienced riders. Many of our riders have completed the Danish six-year Master Rider education or have extensive experience in the horse industry. Additionally, we have 30 professional grooms who ensure that all aspects of our horses’ welfare are taken care of.

We have several teams consisting of a rider and a groom. Each team has overall responsibility for the care and well-being of the horses belonging to their team. It is this collaboration that guarantees that our horses are cared for at a high level and with great dedication.

The welfare and well-being of our horses are the focal point

All riding and training of our horses are done with the horse's well-being as the focal point, and all our riders adhere to the applicable guidelines from both the FEI and the Danish Equestrian Federation. The goal of the training is always to achieve the greatest possible harmony between horse and rider while allowing the horse to develop its full potential. Therefore, all our riders must ensure that all training takes place under safe and trust-based conditions.

We are committed to ensuring that all training is focused on the well-being of the individual horse. Therefore, all our riders are also thoroughly instructed to consider the horse's age, physical capacity, and training level.