Our Facilities

Our facilities

We go to great lengths to ensure first-class facilities for our horses – both in the arena and in the stables. Our boxes are approximately 35 percent larger than required by law, and we offer spacious and comfortable living areas for all our horses. Additionally, we provide everything from thick layers of high-quality bedding, plenty of natural light, to excellent ventilation systems; every detail is designed to create a comfortable and healthy environment for our horses.

All our horses are exercised every day. In addition to riding, we have the option to use the walker, treadmill, or water treadmill. Furthermore, our horses spend many hours in the paddock. Here, there are both large grass paddocks and drained sand paddocks, all with social contact and fresh air to prevent behavioral issues and promote healthier horses.


"Every year, at our open house, we invite the public to come and see our facilities and welcome anyone who wants to learn more about our business."

Thomas Sigtenbjerggard, General Manager DK

Wellness room

Our wellness room is designed to meet our horses' training needs in the best possible way and ensure the best prevention of injuries and rehabilitation of the horses. We have invested in state-of-the-art facilities, including machines designed to improve the horses' well-being and ensure they can train and get in shape under optimal conditions.

The water treadmill provides the horse with the o...